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The Victoria Climbié Foundation was established by Mr and Mrs Climbié (Victoria’s parents) to campaign for improvement in child protection policies and practices and to ensure effective links & coordination between statutory agencies, care services and BMER communities.


The Victoria Climbié Foundation UK emerged from the Victoria Climbié Family Campaign; this was an organisation founded to support the family of Victoria Climbié in their quest to seek justice and accountability in regard to the failures, incompetency and negligence of child protection systems. We supported Mr and Mrs Climbié during the course of the Victoria Climbié Public Inquiry.

With humility we offer the words of Mr and Mrs Climbié which aptly describe our role:

“As outsiders, we did not understand how the system worked. With the support, assistance and advice of The Victoria Climbié Foundation UK we came to understand what had happened to our daughter, Victoria Adjo Climbié, and the role and responsibilities of the agencies involved”


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