Rise of Maya Slot

Rise of Maya Slot Review: Volatility, RTP, Paylines & Number of Reels

Rise of Maya Slot Review. Since the Mayans and the Aztecs were two whole different civilizations, we hope it won’t offend anyone if we combine the two themes in this review. Yes, they were different, but they coexisted in the same region of the earth and had a lot in common. Some of these included ways of living, different kinds of deities, and the construction of pyramids in their honor.

With their unique artwork and fantastic architecture, they also offer rich ground for slot themes. They are distinct, so certainly, but fans of one slot game will be able to enjoy the other. Not only that, but this year has been exceptional due to the abundance of South American-inspired positions. With their brand-new slot Rise of Maya Slot, industry heavyweights NetEnt have managed to penetrate the South American jungle despite fierce competition.

Even if you would expect this, it’s still positive to note that NetEnt created a visually appealing game. The game’s vibrant, colorful symbols occupy the entire screen. The abundant usage of serpents, which the Mayans represented as cosmic vehicles, is part of what gives it a South American flare.

The symbols are arranged in three rows on five transparent reels and are placed in a gloomy, smoke-filled temple with burning fire pits and large, toothy carvings. The 10 fixed paylines are one thing that NetEnt has kept straightforward, but there are many other factors that add additional layers of depth.

Wannabe explorers can manage bet levels from 10 percent up to a maximum of £/€150 every spin, which is available across all devices. While the RTP starts at 96.12% at the basic level and may go as high as 96.42% when the Bonus Bet: Second Chance Scatter Feature is activated, the volatility is in the medium-to-high range. Later on, more on this.

Almost all of the symbols fit the theme. This also applies to the low-paying 10 A royals, which are constructed in appropriately Mayan-inspired stone designs. The five high-paying symbols are all colorful ceremonial masks with horrifying designs, dating back to the Mayans.

With a value of 250 times the stake for five of a kind, the colorful deer skull-looking card is the most valuable. Low pay symbols need three on a payline to be a winning combination, whereas high pay symbols only need two.

Even if the payouts for two of a kind are likely to be modest, there are more opportunities to win. Rise of Maya Slot has a 1 in 4 overall hit rate, which translates to very frequent wins and a ton of elements to keep the action humming.

Rise of Maya Slot

Rise of Maya Slot: Features

Rise of Maya Slot places a lot of emphasis on the wilds, but it also has other features to keep you entertained. The Scatter Nudge feature may randomly occur either in the base game or during the free spins. It only appears when there is no way to win and pushes scatter or wild symbols onto the reels.

Why settle for just one crazy person when you may have four? A single wild symbol, two growing Serpent Wilds, and Serpent Stacks are all given to players. All can be used in place of any base pay sign. Additionally, the two Serpent Wilds that expand up or down may completely fill a reel or not. Only during Free Spins on hot reels will the Serpent Stack Wild appear, and it always covers a complete reel.

When three or more scatter or wild symbols appear anywhere in the field of vision, free spins are awarded. 15 free spins are awarded as a result, and the reels that had the scatter or wild symbols that started the feature turn into Hot Reels. Full reel Serpent Stack wilds can appear and do their thing on these scorching reels. Additionally, during the bonus round, additional free spins can be won, bringing your total to 24.

The Bonus Bet: Second Chance Scatter & Second Chance Scatter Respin is the final feature. Repeat that phrase five times quickly. Players must enable this feature during the main game for it to work. It increases the odds of getting more scatters and wilds to start the Free Spins bonus round and those sizzling reels while doubling the bet.

Its name comes from the fact that the remaining reels without a scatter or wild are re-spun when two scatters or wilds appear in the field of vision. This gives you an important second opportunity to start the game’s free spins and maximize its potential.

Rise of Maya Slot Verdict

NetEnt’s Rise of Maya Slot is a respectable product. Despite not being their best work or looking game, it is still better than average in the overall slot industry. It succeeds because the concept is handled skillfully, without going excessive, and is successfully incorporated with a variety of aspects.

Like other okeplay777 login slots, the game’s peak excitement and payouts occur during the free spins, but there is still a good amount of money available during the main game. This is partially due to the fact that the game moves along because only two high pay symbols are required to earn a small sum of money.

The Scatter Nudge feature also helps to produce uncomfortable situations by appearing at random. High-paying symbols also contribute by providing substantial payouts on their own, and even though five of the best-paying symbols might be uncommon, it can completely alter the course of a game.

Rise of Maya Slot competes favorably with these South American/Mayan/Aztec slots in terms of fun and potential. You may potentially gain more than 6,000 times your initial investment if those infamously irrational gods are on your side, which is a respectable amount.

While Rise of Maya Slot is by no means ground-breaking, it is a charming and rather straightforward game with a respectable selection of features and gameplay that should keep the majority of NetEnt fans amused for at least a little while.

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